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Time Attack In Car Videos

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Just been playing about with the windows video editor, finally

Here is a couple of video's from the Final at Silverstone and practice at Brands Hatch

The Skyline infront is Shane Smith. He has was winning club class at the time.Very quick, muchos power.

Brands Hatch practice session

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wow really enjoyed watching that, you just do not appreciate how fast these cars are when standing trackside, great to see from a drivers point of view.

Now can I have a shot :)

cheers for posting top drawer clips :lol:

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Pretty much everthing has been modded mate. Forged engine. MD321t+ turbo fmic etc also exe-tc suspension, 6 speed box, all bushings changed to super pro. Interior removed and roll cage fitted. Had a slight miss in brands and silversone so had to reduce the boost a bit. Engine has been re-built so will be looking for 500 bhp now

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