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Time For The Scooby To Go.

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After a year of trouble free ownership the scooby is going.

But it will be replaced with this. (no it not a megan). picking it up on Monday.






Thanks to Gav for putting up with all the messing around.

So far I have spent over a grand on extras so the car will not look like for long. It will also be wearing its L555 BAY plate.

Geo (cusco kid) prepair to get asked lots of questions.


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Whites the colour must admit Cusco Kids looks the biz with a few subtle tweaks, enjoy it Ed I hope you have many miles of happy motoring in the new steed

now get you name down for the STI 330s slot at knockhill on the 23rd :)

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Thank guys. Ken Block Graphics already in hand. Yep the 330s comes PPP'd, £5995 that should read deposits from £5995. I have bought loads of bits from gav's and from revolution inc. front fogs, lower splitter, whiteline H Frame, F&N Panel Filter, Prodrive Flaps, Clear Rear Fog Light. and loads of other bits and bobs. just got to find the correct wheels like geo's.

Will have stuff for sale from the hawkeye inc the h frame, braces, and a kenwood double din touch screen sat nav ipod playing bluetooth using stereo.

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Another convert!

Hope you're gonna run a project thread for the rest of us "Dark" Age SIDCers.

Hope you enjoy it mate - am "less-the-S" myself but nothing a bit of aftermarket can't fix... still bl**dy quick without PPP, but then they can never QUITE be quick enough can they? Just gotta persuade the wife now *chuckle*

Geo's suspension set-up is sweet... his Hayward & Scott Exhaust sounds rather fruity too - even compared with the PPP exhaust.

Aesthetically, the 330S reaches the parts other Impreza hatches can't reach :D

Oi!!! Don't forget the "normal STI *chuckle*

Nice one Ed!


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