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Running Lean

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had the car hooked up to see why engine management light was coming apart from picking up fault also showed car was running lean . not being much of a mechanic what would be the usual reasons for a car to run lean ,only mods are typhoon induction kit apart from that standard . help as desperate to put all the toys on gathering up in garage so i can get it across to andy f but need to get initial issues dealt wae first thanks


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I would have thought putting an air filter on wouldnt have really made you run lean as your maf sensor tells your ecu how much air flow its getting and it should therefore plonk in enough fuel......but hey im prob wrong!! :) lol

If it was me i would throw on all the goodies then drive it really easy up to andy for a map!


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I hope it's as simple as a remap for you Kenny - You know the snags I had with mine recently........knackered MAF,fuel pump, filter etc. Might be worth speaking to Dunc up at Hypertech.......

You don't want to get all your goodies fitted, go for a mapping and not be able to get it done.

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