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I think it was N1 WRC at the scottish motorsport show with L555 plate on. N1 is a different colour aswell

Well spotted Frank. Seems a bit strange that they would put the plate from one onto the other. It was great to see them both in the flesh down at the handover. The sound of those two cars :):thumbup: . If only i could get mine to sound half as good. Managed to get a couple of pictures of mines with N1WRC.

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N1 WRC has always been that.. (1996 WRC Manufacturers Championchip car)

and L555 BAT has always been that.. (1995 Driver championship car)

For the first photo they probably simpyl slung the L555 BAT plate for show, as more peopel woudl recognise that plate rather than N1 WRC.

Prodrive kept a hold of N1 WRC and colin got L555 BAT

Off topic bit - Spotted 'S55 BAT' on a car yesterday! silver Vauxhall Vectra :)

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