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My Very Clean Car

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You sure it was you that made it look all good or did you get John to do it :blush:

Really need to clean ours... B)

ha kenneth washed it and polished the roof, i hoovered mine the inside of the mk2 for him . that was the weeek i went to chester so needless to say it's not that clean anymore but i did hoover it on friday as it had half the grit out the carpark from thursdays meet in it. :rotfl:

kenny ther inside of my car is always cleaner than the outside :)

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That is very true, the inside of your car is always spotless, wish I could manage that!! I just look at a packet of crisps and the car mat wears them ;) Suppose you know that from seeing your coffee table after I've visited :)

I'll put some pictures of the bomber up once Gerard has cleaned it; prepare to wait until Christmas or so!! :D

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