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What A Bargain

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I should feel the same way, I know I had to slap myself after seeing Wulsey's white WRX which (to me) was a very good buy for someone. Timing is everything, and once you buy something, guaranteed there will be something better, less expensive, or whatever, hiding around the corner - or so it seems. You try sitting with a wad of cash waiting for the right vehicle to come along - doesn't work like that and as the vendor in the ad says, took him 6 months to find the one he is now selling :)

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Like above whenever you buy a car a better one comes up.

I wanted a low mileage standard RB5 and could not find one, I ended up bying a well looked after one with a few bits done and 86k on the clock. About 3 weeks later a standard RB5 with 25k on the clock turned up at the same price i had paid :)

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