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Anyone Fancy An Exhaust Swap...

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Must be getting old..

I have a 5zigen 3" exhaust system with a 4" tailpipe, don't know the exact one ... planning to get under the car this weekend and have a proper look..

Its a bit on the loud side... well for me anyway and my daughter... it seems to be in good condition - no leaks .. bit of paste on the backbox flange though...

I was hoping for a quieter system, was planning on getting an HKS super dragger system and selling this once I have - advantage being that I can bung it when the little one is in the car and I've heard they are not fiercely loud lol

So rather than go through the hassle of buying and then selling I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a swap?

Also if anyone has a racecat for my decat pipe would also be good..

If not... 5zigen system probably will be for sale shortly!

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