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£20 Knockhill Track Day - Sat 8th August 2-6pm - Bargain

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Hi All,

Autoecosse Subaru (www.autoecosse.com) has booked the Knockhill Circuit for their own exclusive use on Sat the 8th August from 2-6pm - To Celebrate our first birthday as a Subaru Dealer. We had planned this to be a customer only day for them to bring their cars along for a hurtle, or enjoy some of our cars! We haven't filled all the spots available for the day, so as a result I am opening the track day up to a limited number of Subaru (or other makes) drivers

I appreciate there a few other events also on that day, including the earlier SIDC track day. You are quite welcome to stick around if you are already going in the morning, and also to bring along any family/friends who might like a look. We will have two 'New Shape' cars on the track, so its a good chance to check them out!

Basically its £20 per hour session to take your car on the track - you can stay for one hour or stay for 4 if the car is up to it?

You can also bring along another driver for a the cost of £10 per extra driver per session.

I will need payment and confirmation prior to the event, so please make contact with myself (Tim Hancock, General Manager) either on line here or at autoecosse on 01382 477 992. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact via a PM

Here is some more info about what will be one during the day:

We are offering all Loyal Customers the chance to take their own car on the track, at a nominal cost, for 4 x 1 hour sessions. We will be mixing up the groups depending on your past track experience and the car you will be driving, as well as getting a full track briefing from the team at Knockhill.

For those people who do not wish to take their cars on the track we will also be offering you the chance to experience the thrill of track time in a variety of cars provided by Autoecosse.

Of course, as you will know, our range of fantastic new and used cars extends past just Subaru, so if you don’t fancy taking your own car on the track, here are some of the exciting events to be taking place on the day:

- Hot Laps in the all new 300HP Subaru Impreza Sti 300, WRX-S, and 245BHP Legacy Spec B

- Hot Laps in the all new MG TF LE 500

- Test Drive opportunity in all the Subaru, Isuzu, Ssangyong and MG Range

- Charity Hot laps in an original FIA period Racing MGB, as raced by company chairman Richard Lawson

- Passenger Hot Laps in a variety of Subaru, MG and Specialist Used Cars.

- Passenger Hot Laps in FIA period specification Lotus Elan, Lotus Cortina and Lotus Escort’s

- Charity SMARTECOSSE alloy & paint repairs – get your wheels repaired for a donation to charity

- Free Barbeque and Refreshments all day as well as fun for the kids

- Subaru Parts and Accessories stands offering fantastic discounts

In order to plan for the event, please return a Private email to myself. At this stage, we are offering the places as first in, first served for one hour session only, should there be any places left over for subsequent sessions, we will offer these to you as well.

Cheers, Tim

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clear your INBOX Tim. :)
Yeah, I'll second that...............then you can take our bookings!

Email sent anyway


Just give him a quick phone on 01382 477 992, there's still some spaces available :D .

Brilliant value for £50 :P .

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Sorry Guys,

Just seen your responses - If you haven't got in contact, Drop me an email and we can get you booked in. There are still some spots available - all 4 hours for 50 quid!

If you are not wanting to take a car on the track - all monies raised for passenger laps and from the barbeque etc will be going to Maggies Cancer Support House at Ninewells Hospital so its a great reason to get involved.

Keep an eye out in the Courier for us tomorrow - Glad I did my hair this morning!



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