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Proper Nutter....


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God way to see in the new year. The set is also very impressive, new years eve is the only time the 12 lane strip is shut but you still cant walk on it, so the pavement is just a nightmare. Installing a ramp to the Paris from just about all the way back to the Bellagio is quite a feat.

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Building is about 10 stories!

He does come back down a different ramp which helps his landing! Personally id much rather go back down than attempt the first one!!

My room mate in Oklahoma was a 19yr old Cody Elkins, (http://www.codyelkins.com) who had absolutely no brains whatsoever!! Did a back flip in Weatherford Main Street for 4th July celebrations OVER THE electrical lines crossing the street!!

These blokes are braindead BUT incredibly good riders!!

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