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How Do You Take The Plastic Steering Colume Off

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There is always some1 withe a sesible reply, id just give it a good hard tug ( the steering cover for those with perverted minds ) and see what happens

Well if you do that it will never go back on :P , then when you get pulled over for a spot check they think you stole it lol :redcard:

If you need anymore help just pm me, I've got one outside I can go double check lol, or you can come and practice taking mine apart, it's got to be done anyway lol.

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i need to fit boost gauge too wanna do this myself but aint gotta clue where to start .but im thick so any knowledge u can pass on when uve got yours done will be great

It's easy, even I did it myself and I'm a girl :P Make sure you have plenty of vaccum hose, some electrical connectors, tape, cutters and a t-piece to join the hose, and don't forget an assortment of screwdrivers and the right size spanner so you can fit the guage to the pod and some small screws or double sided tape to secure the pod wherever you need it situated.

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