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Little To55ers(in Melksham)

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Son had his scoob sprayed with red paint last night , random attack as a van was done further up the road .nothing on the scale of stingers thank god just a red stripe up the side of it . luckily they wern't to close so it spread out and it has t-cut out .

but he aint happy ,wouldnt like to be in whoevers shoes it was if he finds out .

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that is crap m8, sorry to hear that.

the reason they do it is because they have no conscience and aren't afraid of the law or the punishment as there wouldn't be any anyway.

I ask myself how long do the law abiding general public have to put up with the total scum in this country? before the government or police get off there ass and change the laws over these scum bags.

can we not just ship off these t**sers to the front line someone?

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